Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Creatography- Creativity and Photography: What Can I Do With All Those Pictures?

A while back I posted "Photography 101" on my blog discussing my excitement over the class I was enrolled in on photography through the Toronto Board of Education. I tried to stick it out for the full 10 weeks, but unfortunately after only 3 or 4 classes I stopped going. I was not happy with the instruction I was getting (or lack thereof) and decided I'd be much happier discovering photography through practice and informal learning-like checking out cool blogs and looking at the photos of others. 
Since then I have opened a Flickr account. You can see my widget in the right hand side of this page. Mostly my photos are shots of my buttons and crafts and from time to time I try to take some interesting shots around my city (like the one above taken near a local high school). 

I thought I would share with my readers what I have discovered so far since taking up more of an interest in photography and craft.
Taken near Dundas West Subway Station, Toronto, Ontario

  1. Photojojo-kick ass tips on what you can do with all those photos you've accumulated and of course how to take more interesting ones in the future. I have subscribed to their newsletter and about every week or so they give you a free idea on a project, craft, product, or tip to keep you interested in the fun that is photography. Oh yes, and I highly recommend their new book!
  2. Flickr-okay, so  most people on "discovered" this site before me, but for those of you who still don't know what they are missing, please head on over and visit. I grabbed a free account and once I am full up I am seriously considering getting a pro account for a mere $25/year. I enjoy looking at pics of things I am interested in. There are groups you can join and submit your own photos to for sharing. It is fun to comment and to favorite and to have others comment and favorite your photos too. Best of all I find the site inspiring. You'll discover what is the most weird as well as the most wonderful elements of our planet. 
  3. MOO-a site that uses your own photos to create show stopping business cards or cards to save and trade...I just purchased a set of 50 cards (I only paid shipping on this offer) and I am so looking forward to receiving them. I suggest poking around the site to see it for yourself. 
  4. Cre8tive Gang-an amazing blog for down to earth tips and inspiration for your photo craft endeavours. There is so much to discover on this site and it is clear that for the Cre8tive gang, photography is truly a passion. They stress that anyone can take great shots!

Photo taken at a shop in my community called Smash.

Share your creatography with me by posting comments below.

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