Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Little Man Sweater Vest

Size: Three Years
2 balls of Mission Falls 1824 wool in Denim
3 balls of Mission Falls 1824 wool in Cocoa
5mm knitting needles
5.5mm knitting needles
yarn needle
tape measure

4.5 sts x 6 rows = 1" on 5.5mm needles in stockinette stitch

Sweater vest is knit in two pieces from the bottom to the top.

To Begin
Using 5mm needles and cocoa
CO 64sts
Row 1-14: k2, p2 repeat across row

Switch to 5.5mm needles and using denim
Row 15: k all stitches
Row 16: p all stitches
Row 17-36 (20 rows): continue working all rows in stockinette stitch
Row 37 (decrease row): k4, ssk, k to last 6 sts, k2tog, k to end

Repeat rows 17-37 twice more working your decrease row on the right side only

After last dec work 5 rows of stockinette st.

Armhole decrease:
BO 4 sts at beg of next two rows
(RS) Change to denim and k to end
(WS) k1, p1 repeat to end
(RS) p1, k1 repeat to end
the last two rows form the moss stitch pattern, continue in moss st for remaining rows
next RS row: dec 1 st at each end of row and following two right side rows

When piece measures 4" from beg of moss st patt, on right side, work 15 sts in patt and place on stitch holder, BO centre 14sts, work rem sts
now working shoulder dec one st at neck edge of following three rows (12 sts)
work 4 more rows and BO

Join yarn with shoulder sts on holder and work as for other shoulder, decreasing at neck edge.

Repeat patt to make other side of vest.

Sew side seams and shoulder seams, weave in ends.

I welcome any questions or comments!

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