Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knitting in Toronto

If you plan to visit the T-Dot for some knitting tourism, then here is your guide to getting to the LYSs in Toronto.

Romni Wools
658 Queen Street West, near Bathurst
You will not be disappointed if you make your way down to Romni Wools! Romni boasts the title of Canada's largest yarn shop. The aisles are filled with yarny goodness. Pack light because you're not going to want to be bogged down by extra bags as you navigate your way past other customers and through the narrow aisles. If you are looking for it, this shop will most likely have it. Also, there is a basement for sale yarns that are discontinued. Additionally Romni has some fibres for spinning your own yarns, spinning wheels and tools in stock, and packages of colourful wool for needle felting. You'll also find a nice selection of knitting needles, crochet hooks, buttons, patterns, and knitted gifts.
Tip: Walk east (toward Yonge St) after visiting Romni and you'll end up in the fashion district. If you like beads and fabric you're in for a treat!

The Knit Cafe

1050 Queen St. West (between Ossington and Dovercourt)
Located a hop, skip, and a jump from Romni Wools is this cozy and intimate yarn shop.
The knit cafe specializes in carrying a selected few brands of high end fibres. They have a good selection of needles and accessories and a cafe with a refreshing selection of coffees, teas, treats, flavored waters and sodas. Some of my favorite things about the cafe are the patterns written by knit cafe staff that are for sale, the monthly high tea, and the weekly stitch n' bitch.

The Purple Purl

1162 Queen Street East

Queen Street is definitely a happening place when it comes to yarn shops. If you travel east you will eventually reach this well known and renowned destination-The Purple Purl. Many Toronto knitters talk about the Purl and I think this may well be one of their favorites. Staff are exceptionally friendly and have a wonderful energy. The shop focuses on providing local yarns as much as possible. There is also a little cafe so you can grab a tea and relax in an armchair with your fellow knitters. Lots of events happening at this shop so it's well worth taking a look at the website to see what's coming up.

Americo Original
456 Queen Street West

If you started your knit shop journey on Queen West you won't want to miss out on Americo Original. This is one of my favorite shops! Americo sells their own brand of high end yarn. Lots of alpaca, wool and cotton here. There are loads of sample patterns knitted up and lying around the shop-just waiting for you to play with them. Patterns are revealed after you purchase the yarn to complete the project, but believe me it is worth it! You won't want to use any other yarn. Chunky bags, shawls, sweaters, and ponchos plus baby knits. The shop is a feast for the senses. A must-see!

Lettuce Knit
86 Nassau Street

This cool little knit shop is tucked away in Toronto's authentic Kensington Market. Kensington Market is a must-do neighbourhood as an afternoon walk on a nice day. Lots of eclectic little shops, health food stores, vintage clothing and goods, handmade items, cheapie stuff, fresh produce, fish and meat, and specialty food items. I am glad that Kensington includes a knit shop because for me this is what makes the 'hood more than worth the trip. Lettuce Knit is a small, narrow shop with lots of yarn goodies to keep you happy. Check out their website for up to date info. They offer lots of classes, so you may want to check one out while you're in the city!

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