37 by 37

  1. Visit Halifax, NS in the summer and enjoy seafood by the sea
  2. Finish something in my UFO pile
  3. Treat myself to a pedicure at least every six weeks
  4. Learn some new yarn spinning techniques
  5. Test drive some spinning wheels
  6. Repair and service the serger
  7. Add a pattern based workshop to the crochet workshops I teach
  8. Build an outdoor spot for my birdies to safely play in the summer
  9. Paint the little hallway between kitchen and living room
  10. Grow herbs in my backyard
  11. Blog once a week
  12. Read a book
  13. Learn a new recipe, something for dinner
  14. Make strawberry jam
  15. Make pickles
  16. Get the Duomatic knitting machine cleaned
  17. Organize the mud room
  18. Take one of the sewing workshops at The Workroom
  19. Take a pottery course
  20. Embroider more art for the wall
  21. Get my G1 (this is the learners permit…yeah, yeah, city girl still needs to get her driver’s licence)
  22. Take a road trip to the alpaca farm with my knitting friends
  23. Go to the Knitter’s Frolic and Frolic away!
  24. Bake something new (check my Pinterest for this, lots of inspiration!)
  25. Move my business into a new space
  26. Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario
  27. See a play at a little theatre
  28. Purge stuff I don’t use, need, want or wear
  29. Write a letter and mail it
  30. Knit something with a cable in it
  31. Finish knitting that pair of socks
  32. Knit a skirt
  33. Begin a queen sized quilt for the bed
  34. Practice and document my wool dying skills
  35. Make curtains for the kitchen and mud room
  36. Go listen to live music
  37. Take an Ontario road trip with the family

The above list is a list of things I'd like to accomplish by my next birthday. I started the list at 36 by 36 and each year some of the things are carried over, some are edited out and other items are added in. Sometimes I blog about the things I've accomplished. Hope it inspires you to make your own list too. xx 


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