Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rita's Story - Crocheting Through Grief

Rita is a woman that discovered this blog while touring the vast world wide web. She contacted me this week to tell me, and Close Knit readers, about her experience coping with grief and depression after the loss of her daughter. 

I have played around with crochet for many years but, I never gave it enough time to be any good at it.  July 22 2008 my daughter my boo died she was 31 years old my grief and anguish were unbearable I stayed in my bedroom for a year~ alone I isolated I wanted nothing to do with the outside world that managed to go on without my daughter when I could not. So I picked up my crocheting again I would sit for hours just crocheting.. to others this looked like an obsession  to me it was therapy ..I was so depressed I did not leave my home.. I ordered everything I needed  on-line. For every stitch I made there was a tear yet somehow crocheting soothed  my soul my heart Its over three years later now since Boo died I still crochet and when life becomes unbearable I pick up my hook and soon my pain is lessened there will always be a part of me that my daughter took with her and my heart still cries for her.

Judi Rebecca (My Boo) June 19 1977 - July 22 2008


  1. The pain and grief of loosing a child is unimaginable until you experience it and then it tears deep into your soul. With every stitch and tear in my life, I will spare you a thought and hope that the pain eases

  2. I've just found your site. We lost our only son three years ago. He was 28. He suffered from depression and took his own life. I have searched and searched for something to fill the huge hole his death left in my life. I don't know but I think I will try to crochet or knit. I am not experienced at either but I need something; I keep looking. I know I am looking for him.
    A lost mom

  3. I truly am sorry about the loss of your son. I cannot imagine the pain you experience every day. I do hope you will find a place to meet with other stitchers. A place to uplift you and bring you joy. I find knitting, crocheting, spinning yarn, embroidery to be so relaxing and meditative. It is not a cure all, but I find it so satisfying spending time with color and texture and creating something with my own two hands. It gives me something to look forward to. I hope you will find your wasy lost mom - thinking of you. {{Big hugs}}

  4. My 24 year only son, Nathan, died nine years ago ( although it still feels like yesterday). I am so glad that I have crochet to help focus my mind and bring gentle rhythms to time. My sister lost her 51 year old husband to lung cancer a few weeks ago, and our mother died a few days before him. We have both taken to the hooks and needles and I am noticing the peace she is getting from it.



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