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Close Knit is a blog maintained by Melissa McColl (aka LadeeBee). She is a crafter and entrepreneur located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Melissa spends the majority of her time knitting sweet little things for babies and selling them in her Etsy shop, Vintage Baby Revival and at various venues. Currently her work is available at:

Toronto, Ontario

Montreal, Quebec

In addition to her knitting Melissa also enjoys making pendants and collecting buttons. Japanese paper under glass tile pendants are available at her Zibbet shop. Since she has such a vast collection of buttons she makes them available for sale at LadeeBee Supplies.
Japanese paper under glass tile
(click on image to see extra large)

Vintage Buttons by LadeeBee
Melissa welcomes your questions, please send to:
vintagebabyrevival [at] yahoo [dot] ca
ladeebeesupplies [at] yahoo [dot] com

More about LadeeBee:
Where she creates:

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Life Before Full-Time Crafting


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