Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Workspace In 2010

My Passap Duomatic 80, double bed, standard guage knitting machine. This machine is not yet functional, but pretty soon I am going to undertake a deep cleaning of this machine. I found an excellent resource to assist me with this online.
My Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine. I purchased this baby from Craigslist. It was in very new condition and once I figured it out it was a dream to use. I actually got the hang of threading the machine so that the thread went through the needle on its own...cooool.
What's on my walls. "Mother" poster by Nikki McClure. Amy Butler fabric wall pocket for my shipping envelopes, made from pattern out of One Yard Wonders. Bird Illustration by my friend and fellow Etsian, Kristina Baker of Greasy Chicken Face, and "Tiny Dancer Print" by Orange Willow.
Just the beginning of my yarn collection. Tons of mission falls cotton, Patons SWS, Phildar Cotton 10, handpainted cotton, and a pair of wooden legs from a knitting factory in Hamilton, Ontario. These drawers contain the buttons in my shop, business cards, stenciling supplies, ziplock bags for buttons and necklaces, my 'zines, more yarn and fabric.
Knitting needles I use in my classes and some embroidery yarn I purchased at Value Village.

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