Why Depression?

Depression has had a huge impact on my life. I have always felt as though there were another person inside of me that wanted to come out. A person that wanted to do things and go places and to enjoy life, but the symptoms of depression prevented me from participating in life as fully as I could have over the years. I feel somewhat cheated out of what could've been of my childhood, youth and early adulthood. However, in spite of all of my difficulties managing my mood I still accomplished so many amazing feats. Through the worst of it I survived.

Finding out I had depression was difficult. I didn't accept that I had Major Depression and Dysthymia. I wanted to believe that it was just something milder, not truly as serious as "real" depression. People often say that they are depressed to describe feeling down, but most manage to bounce back from it fairly quickly. I endured it for years.

I got help and my depression was treated. I have learned how to take care of myself better and to judge myself less. I began this blog thinking that it would be helpful to share my experience with others. My hope is that someone out there will be able to connect with my story and identify that they may need help.

My treatment for depression is closely linked with delving deeper into knitting and other crafts. Now and then I intend to share on this blog how my hobbies, interests and work contribute to my own personal well being. I'd love to hear from others too, so please, if you read this blog feel free to contribute or to contact me by email.

Love LadeeBee xo

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