Monday, January 19, 2009

Photography 101

So, I finally bought myself a new digital camera. It took me a while to cross over...but by God, I did it! I am a fan of film, but the digital age has finally wooed me. I like digital, along with everyone else, for the obvious benefits: see the picture before you commit. 
My camera is nothing fancy, and a model that's probably discontinued as it was deeply discounted and not even displayed at Future Shop. I had done my research online-price comparison, feature comparison, and overall esthetic comparison. I wanted the lens to pop out like an expensive Nikon or Canon camera. I wanted lots of megapixels. I wanted macro feature for close ups. And I wanted the thing to cost no more than 200 bucks. 
I have taken lots and lots of photos since the big purchase. Many beautiful shots. The ones of the wall murals in my neighbourhood have to be my fave. But for the love of Pete- I have no idea how to use all the special features. This is one thing that googling couldn't solve for me. The explanations for aperture and shutter speed confuse the hell outta me. 
This leads me to my photography class. I am going to do a little plug for Toronto District School Board community programs. They are the best! I took sewing last "semester" and this time around I have decided to dedicate the next 9 weeks to getting better acquainted with my camera. I go to one of the local high schools in my area where a young, knowledgeable instructor greets a class of 15 or 20 people. So far I have been to to one class, I'll keep you abreast of the situation as the class moves forward. 
For now just pray I don't toss the camera into the Humber River due to frustration because every time I mess with the settings my photos look like they are on acid. If I make it through I will post some of the results on my blog.

Interested in taking a course with the TDSB? Find it at

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  1. Have fun in your photography class, hope you share some tips with us! Deb



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