Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skinny Scarf Pattern for Learn to Knit Kit by LadeeBee

This pattern can used with any yarn and needles as long as you are pairing up the right needles with your yarn. Go to your LYS (local yarn shop) if you do not have the Learn to Knit Kit by LadeeBee to find your needles and yarn.

This is a suggested pattern to accompany the kit, but you can choose to do anything you like! Freeform knitting can be fun and you may discover interesting designs as you alternate between knit and purl. But if you feel like you need to make something functional, a scarf is the perfect project for any beginner. 

"Skinny Scarf"

  • Yarn A
  • Yarn B (alternate colour if your kit came with more that one colour)
  • knitting needles (included in kit, appropriate for the balls of yarn included)
  • yarn needle
  • scissors

k: knit CO: cast on patt: pattern
p: purl rep: repeat BO: bind off


CO 20 stitches with Yarn A
Row 1: k2, p2, rep. until end of row. turn work.
Row 2-10: repeat row 1
Row 11: switch to Yarn B, or continue with same. Note: cut yarn leaving 2" tail, join new yarn by tying a knot as close to the stitch as possible. You will weave in the ends later using a yarn needle.  k2, p2 rep. until end of row. turn work.
Row 12-20: continue in k2, p2 patt. using yarn B (or same).
Repeat last 20 rows until you have approx. 20" or yarn left. BO, weave in ends.

Garment Care

machine wash, cold water, lay flat to dry.

Questions or Comments?
I invite you to post them here.

Good Luck with your knitting adventures!

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