Monday, March 8, 2010

A Journey Into Hand Spinning

I have recently had the urge to try a little bit of hand spinning with a drop spindle. I am so busy knitting and crocheting I find it difficult to put down the needles or hook to do much of anything else, including reading the new book I bought by Wally Lamb. Just before Christmas I purchased a kit at the City of Craft sale in Toronto. It came with what appeared to be Kool Aid dyed roving, a drop spindle and a few sheets of printed details. While I didn't find the sheets to be very helpful in the instructions department, it was a pretty good deal for the kit at $16. I ended up looking on YouTube to find out how to go about taking up hand spinning. My favorite instructor by far was Abby Franquemont. She is also the author of Respect the Spindle

I completed my first hand spun ball of yarn.

You can see it is thick and then thin...not at all my intention...but not bad for my first. I am just amazed it looks like yarn at all!

Then I decided it was time to dye the yarn myself and spin it. I looked up kits on Etsy and found one in a Chandler, Arizona shop called Wind Rose Fiber Studio. I received the most luscious merino wool and three dyes in the colours I specified. I was so excited when I received it in the mail!

There was also a free sample or Firestar (on the left)  that was generously included. 

And here is the resulting yarn, dyed and spun.

I chose three colours to dye with: alphalpha, mustard, and pacific. In essence blue, yellow and green. What I didn't think about was "what do you get when you mix yellow and blue?" So a lot of 

So what next? Owning my own alpaca? angora? like this blogger? Tabitha Webber, a fellow fibre enthusiast is seriously considering taking the next big leap! You may be interested in reading about her journey. While I may not be on the same page as Tabitha right now I can see something down the way in my future. I have daydreams about owning my own alpacas too, but until then I am happy to get my hands on that delicious fibre and spin to my heart's content.


  1. You have created some beautiful yarn there.
    Isn't it satisfying to spin your own yarn?
    I can't wait to see what you do w your lovely creations.

  2. Love your blog! I started spinning on a drop spindle 2 years ago. I finally bought a wheel this year, and have to say drop spindling it first has made using a wheel super easy.

    Your yarn looks great too :)



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