Monday, July 11, 2011

Life as a Full-Time Crafter

Feel I owe you an explanation as to my whereabouts over the last little while. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I haven't been far away. After about a month of not posting anything on my blog I have been thinking about how neglectful I've been of Close Knit almost daily. Well, I can finally be guilt-free!

About two years ago I quit my job and began working for myself. I haven't got savings or lots of credit, but I have managed to make it work. My partner has a job, not fantastic pay, but he can manage the rent (phew). Crafting for a living is tricky, so I have to wear a lot of hats to make it work. I teach crafty workshops, participate in the odd craft show, do two major craft shows per year, provide childcare for some families in my neighbourhood, keep two online shops, and work at a craft market up the street from my house. It is crazy busy and it means I essentially work all the time - no complaints, I LOVE what I do!

Being a childcare provider is a skill I carry with me from my experience in the workforce. I studied Early Childhood Education and have my degree in psychology. I am intrigued by infants and young children and I am very good with them. I spend snippets of time here and there throughout my week happily getting my baby fix, riding bikes with preschoolers, and crafting with the very young.

My two shops are LadeeBee Supplies and Vintage Baby Revival. LadeeBee is vintage buttons, handspun yarn, and lately a little bit of cheerful jewelry. Vintage Baby focuses on knits for kids 0-4 and knit scarves for women. Running a shop involves photography, listings, updating, promoting, and hopefully filling orders.
Dahlia Ear Blooms
Available at LadeeBee Supplies
LadeeBee Supplies is a like a hobby for me. My hobby is very similar to my actual work. I love to make new things, try new things and test them out on the market. The above Dahlia Ear Blooms have been my latest success. Vintage Baby Revival represents work that has evolved over time into a line of high-end knits for young ones that I am really proud of. 

Hand Knit Wool Poncho
Available at Vintage Baby Revival and the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Toronto

Organic Cotton Tunic and Matching Hat
In addition to my crafty work I have a 15 year old son. He is a wonderful person and I am always inspired by his energetic youth. People think I was a baby when I had my son because I may look younger than I am, but I was 19 (not a baby, but close).
Niagara Falls '08
My home is dusty (from all that fibre!) and chaotically organised. Just about every inch of my home has got one of my projects in various stages of completion (my poor family!). Also, I've got furniture for my big show at the One of a Kind, props, inventory and the like stored in all locations of my two bedroom apartment. 

So that is what I have been up to and that's a bit of what life is like as a full-time crafter. I am bound to drop a ball here and there, but I'll always pick 'em up!


  1. Hi

    I had missed your posts and then I also had a busy time and was unable to check other people's blogs. Your life as a full time crafter does sound hectic but also exciting. I'm not there yet, busy crafting but not making money at it so keep on the 3 day a week job but I certainly have a house strewn with work in progress

  2. Hey Catherine, Thanks for your comment! Glad you've been busy - hopefully working on some of those half accomplished projects. I have the same thing going on at my place! If crafting for a living is something you want to do, then go for it! Sometimes its just nice to craft for the pure fun of it, or to give your pieces to friends and family. xx Mel



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