Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspired by Sil

I met Sil Frebrian, owner of Batavia by Sil on the wonderful world of Twitter. We finally met in person when we were placed as neighbours in the Rising Stars neighbourhood at the One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale 2011. I spent five days staring at and drooling over her upcycled hand made bags. Her designs are so sweet and you can totally see they are made with passion. Each bag is truly unique-no two are ever the exact same. She adds so many beautiful touches to her bags such as embroidery, hand made wooden buttons, applique, and braided handles.
After the spring show I went home and began work on my own bag. While mine is a very straightforward design I was inspired by Sil's work!
I made this pattern freehand. Project inspired by my neighbour at the One of a Kind Spring Show 2011, Batavia by Sil. I admired her bags for the entire show. She creates gorgeous clutches and purses with reclaimed fabrics and adds her own hand made wooden buttons.

Outer fabric purchased at Value Village.

Button by the Woodlot purchased at the One of a Kind Spring 2011

Lining fabric from Diana Brugos acquired in a trade. This is vintage seersucker with a light floral pattern.
One big inside pocket.

Nice and roomy to carry all of my knitting projects!


  1. Love this bag! I have a number of cloth bags that I use for my many knitting projects (currently five on the go) but have not thought to make one myself. This is a very quick visit to say thank you for subscribing to my blog. I admire your discussion about depression too - something that has touched my life in a number of ways. I will come back and read more. But I think the quote you have at the top of your blog from Elizabeth Z says it all. As I put my needle into a stitch to begin a row I feel my anxiety levels and blood pressure subside.

  2. Thanks for coming by Catherine and for your kind words, much appreciated.



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