Saturday, November 13, 2010


There's only a couple more weeks to go until the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Toronto. I've built my display and it's ready for the final touches, I am in the process of tagging all of my items, packing things into boxes, and checking my lists.

I've been so busy helping my son with homework, crocheting, knitting, running around town doing errands, teaching and trying desperately to keep on top of housework that I have barely any time to do a blog post. But, tonight I am inspired.

Had a fantastic date tonight with friends. A delicious filet mignon, red wine, a velvety rich chocolate cake for dessert and coffee...all the while a thick blanket of fog covered the city. I couldn't resist going inside for my camera and getting back out into the early morning air to shoot some pics at my intersection.

In front of my fave
coffee shop, which happens
to be across the street from
my home.

A cyclist speeds by as I shoot this pic.


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  2. oops, darned login.

    Yay for being ahead of schedule!!
    That fog was incredible wasn't it? Great photos, it's hard to capture.



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