Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MacFab Sale-ing

My classmate (sewing class) told me that there would be a Mac Fab basement sale this past weekend. I could not resist the urge to check it out. I made the decision to skip the Value Village 50% off sale this past Monday so that I could indulge in the basement bargains. 
I bought some beautiful wool coating at $6 per metre and now my plan is to make myself a nice fall jacket. Can't wait!!!
But the cutest thing is I brought my son along because he was promised a little shopping spree as he was in desperate need of jeans, long sleeve T's and hoodies. My son, Malik, found a huge bin of buttons while we were at the sale so I asked him if he would like to pick out some buttons for me. He carefully dredged the box of buttons selecting them one by one and putting them in a little plastic bag. I was pleasantly surprised at how busy this task kept him and how much he seemed to enjoy the shapes and sizes, colours and textures. 
When I got home I sorted them according to colour and showed Malik his finds all sorted out. He told me why he selected various buttons, whether or not he thought I would like them, which he liked best and he even chose some metal military-style buttons because he was thinking about my partner (a history buff).
I think I am rubbing off on him...YESSS... 

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  1. woot woot. shout outs to sewing class! good to hear that you found great things at macfab.



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