Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LadeeBee Wins a Prediction

Did you ever want something and you got it even though the odds are not on your side. If you think about it, it had to be someone that it happened to, so why not you? Like the lottery for example. I would love to win the lottery, who wouldn't? But what are the odds? If you think about it someone has to win it and it could be you. I love to win things. Have you ever heard anyone say they hated to win stuff? Free stuff is the best. I feel like I won something when I am walking in my 'hood and there is like the perfect item on the curb that someone decided to toss. Or I am walking along the sidewalk and I find a $20 bill (it's only happened once). It just makes your day, even if it is a small thing. 
So the other day I was watching a show on CBC called Steven and Chris. It is a daily morning morning talk show where they discuss DIY projects, decorating, make-up, fashion, kitchen gadgets and the likes. They had a psychic on the show-Psychic Nikki. Nikki made various predictions on chosen studio members love lives and careers. Then Steven, or Chris (I can't remember which) told the audience watching at home (me) that if we went to the website and filled out a ballot online we could win a reading from Psychic Nikki. So I went to my computer and filled out my ballot, like a good home viewer, and you guessed it I was one of the winners. 
I asked Nikki about my career direction. I have two passions, working with young women and their children, and making things with my hands. Nikki said she sees crafts all around me and she really likes that for me. Yeah, like crafts are always all around me. She said she saw me opening a craft shop within 3 years, I will have a business partner (called Eve) who is older, experienced, has done this stuff before. Also, I don't know this person now, but I will meet her within the next year. She has blue eyes and curly blond hair. Nikki sees me teaching workshops. How fun!
So Eve, if you are out there give me a holler.

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