Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stitch 'N Pitch in Toronto

Oh the excitement! Baseball and knitting. If it wasn't for Alex Rios' globe-like ass and my son's passion for competitive sport I wouldn't give a damn about the baseball aspect of the Stitch and Pitch...but anytime I go to a game with my son I can't help but get into it. A $10 beer will improve the experience as well.

Combine these two described conditions with free yarn and knitting patterns and I am in a state of near bliss. The only problem is I was too far away to get a nice picture of Mr. Rios' backside (oh nuts, I mean butts).

So this was my first Stitch 'N Pitch and Toronto's second. The event that took place on August 5th 2008 was organized by the National Needle Arts Association. I was totally impressed by the level of organization and the work that went into the event. The cost of admission, $20, included a tote bag full of knitting goodies including yarn and patterns. Since I brought my son AND his friend I scored 3 bags full of goodies. I happened to recieve Mission Falls new DK weight washable wool.

Look for Stitch 'N Pitch at a MLB baseball diamond near you, as this event is happening all across North America!

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