Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raise Your Hand if You Love Bust

Ahhh, Bust. I love, love, love you. You add joy to my heart and it is all the more pleasurable to receive a glossy copy of you in the mail when your pages contain such crafting treasures as "pillow talk"-an embroidery project (p. 023). I have never embroidered in my life, but I thought I would give it a shot as your photo made the project so damn appealing. I had to stop myself from eating the page (I'll admit-I'm oral). So I went to my nearest Value Village Thrift Department Strore and miracle of miracles I located all of the materials I would need to complete the project. The fabric was a set of brand new Ikea curtains, the pillows (I suspect were also new) were feather, and the embroidery floss abundant and 100% wool. Oh, Happy Day!!! What a score! I stitched up the cases on my borrowed sewing machine and embroidered with the aid of my grandmother's embroidery hoop-and voila! new throw pillows for my sofa were born. I was so inspired to keep going I made a second pillow (the one with the blue birdies-also a Japanese inspired design). Thanks so much Bust for being so crafty! Love Me
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