Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Debbie is to Me as Beiber is to Tweens

The first ever Vogue Knitting Live took place this past weekend in New York City. It was a mecca for yarnies near and far. It seemed as though all of the industries top knitters/designers were on hand to impart their knowledge through a huge selection of classes. Classes took place over three days and morning and afternoon sessions were offered. Also, there was a Marketplace packed with amazing vendors for our shopping pleasure.

Friday January 21st will be a day I will always remember! I traveled to NYC by myself (I realize its nice to spend time with oneself but I missed having company) on Thursday, checked into my hotel and got an early night. Bright and early I set off for the Hilton Hotel to register for VKLive. After a leisurely coffee and banana bread breakkie at Starbucks I decided to head to Central Park. What a beautiful winter day!

 After I visited the American Folk Art Museum which happens to be right down the street from the Hilton. I will post my pics of the tour another time (here's a hint "quilts").

Class included instruction, yarn for the project, and copy of Debbie's
Design It, Knit It: Babies

Me and Debbie Bliss!
I think I was crying.
Yeah I know, I'm adorable right? Debbie stopped by all the students individually to give us an opportunity to ask questions and get help. I basically took the class so I could stalk D.B. ( I don't think she was offended). My questions were "can you sign my book?" and "can I take my picture with you". I also told her I was designing and creating baby knits myself and selling at the One of a Kind. I found out that Debbie used to do some machine knitting herself. She was so nice! I wish I could've had her all to myself...I think we'd have a lot to talk about. I hope I can be half as cool as her when I grow up.

...stay tuned for more on Vogue Knitting Live


  1. Seems like somebody has had a great deal of fun, huh? That's awesome! Great pictures, too!!! Have great weekend. :-)

  2. Hey Marla, yeah it was a good time. Next time I'd love to bring a friend. Weekend is turning out nice so far...the shop in my 'hood where I teach and sell my products just celebrated its second anniversary. It feels a bit like my anniversary too :)



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