Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the Love of Folk

Finally sitting down to tell you about my visit to the American Folk Art Museum in New York City! I adore American Folk art and couldn't believe it when I glimpsed the museums banner just down street from the Hilton where Vogue Knitting Live was being held. It was a perfect stop for me as I needed something to do while I waited for my class with Debbie Bliss. So I'll share the photos with you now!

As a fibre artist I really appreciated that the museum was holding a special exhibit on quilts. I adore quilts and have been aching to be a fine quilt maker myself. I previously lived in Tennessee and was influenced by southern American women's quilt making. I loved that folksy, country feel that so many homes were styled in at that time. Quilts were definitely a necessary component of achieving that style.

I really dig the style of this illustration. I regret that I didn't jot down
the artist's info!

These dolls are carved wood and dressed with fabric clothing. It is a representation
of an actual family.

I thought this was really cool and the fact that the artist
basically lived on the streets was intriguing. You can
read the info on this piece in the photo below.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge. This description accompanies the photo below. 

This description accompanied the quilt above. 

This description accompanied the quilt above. 

This quilt is insane! I can't imagine how to even approach something
like this from a creation standpoint.

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