Monday, May 2, 2011

Top Six Strategies for Shopping the Knitters Frolic

This past Saturday I had an opportunity to attend this year's Knitter's Frolic put on by the DKC at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto.  It is a convention of Ontario yarn shops, wool growers and artisan spinners all selling fibre, yarn, buttons and all the goodies that a knitter could dream of. When I arrived at 9am the line-up was way down in the parking lot and growing by the second!
My friends and I were smack dab in the middle of the line. Look at the end of the line.
We enjoyed admiring the parade of knitwear as we waited.

Looking towards where the lineup begins and as you can see more frolickers are arriving!
My friend said her heart was racing with excitement and I have to admit my palms were a little sweaty in anticipation.
Top Six Strategies for Shopping at the Frolic
  1. Know the patterns you want to make and buy the yarn accordingly
  2. Go and buy what you're heart tells you to buy and then figure out what you'll make with it later
  3. Buy only the deals. Lots of great yarn on sale at the frolic!
  4. Go for unique and different. Artisans, small farmers, and handmade buttons rule the day.
  5. Hit the booths you know and love first.
  6. Bring a friend who is equally addicted to fibre and will not only encourage you to buy what you are considering, but to buy more than one. (thanks Lisa for this one)
Strategy #4 is  my favorite. I really like to find something that I wouldn't be able to access just anywhere. I like getting a hold of some nice hand spun yarn. When we were waiting in line a friend was showing off her scarf made from some awesome hand spun.
Check out the needle felted mushrooms in the yarn! This yarn is by StudioLoo and available at Rose Haven Farm Store.

Proud Knitter
I was inspired to pick up my own skein of StudioLoo Yarn
I chose this one for the colours and the natural walnut shell halves that were mixed in to this yarn.

Cotton fabric was also incorporated into this hand spun.
I employed strategy number 2 and 3 for my next purchase. Three skeins of hand dyed cotton. This yarn was half price. Original price: $17 per skein! Great deal!!
I am totally loving orange lately.

I only had a limited amount of time for shopping because I was teaching a crochet class across town and it would take at least an hour to reach there by transit. I felt like an hour and 15 minutes was just the right amount of time for me to get through the show, take some great photos and to feel satisfied. I would've loved to stay longer but my bank account thanks me for the short stay! My next post I'll feature some of the most unique vendors with lots of yummy shots of yarn and buttons for you to drool over!

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