Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Street Knit Project

If it is one thing I know about knitters, it is that they love to knit. Same thing goes for the crochet crowd. Also, people like to give. So here is a project that puts those two ideas together. Of course knitters have been doing this very thing for generations and generations: knitting to provide woolens for those in need. Street Knit calls knitters to knit for those in Toronto shelters. Blankets, hats, mittens, scarves are all fair game. All we have to do as knitters and crocheters is do what we love and Street Knit takes care of the coordination. 

Fortunately for me Street Knit meets once per month at Wise Daughters Craft Market, which is just up the street from my home. Stitchers gather on the last Tuesday of every month to work together on their individual Street Knit project. It is a time to socialize and be together, doing what we love and to spread some warmth over Toronto.

If you don't live in Toronto I urge you to find out what is happening in your city. If you find an initiative please share it below in the comments section.
Click on the Street Knit flyer to see it up close!

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