Thursday, September 16, 2010

Knitting a Dead Art? Pish Posh, I Say

OMG this is EXACTLY what I wear when I am knitting.
Thigh high denim boots and my underwear. Sexee!

High fashion. Celeb habits. Knitting is getting around. If I ever hear one more person say to me that knitting is a dying art I am going to point them to this blog posting and then teach them how to knit!
 How will she see her stitches
if she holds her needles "down there"

knitting in a veil can be tricky, but still not impossible as this model proves.

Amy Adams knitting.
Somehow I feel way cooler now.

Guess what ladies? He's knitting
his Mom a sweater. 
Kristin Davis
In conclusion, knitting is not dead, knitting will never die. Knitting is forever. Knitting is better when you do it wearing thigh high boots and underwear.


  1. Knitting will never die out:) like your blog :)

  2. Thanks lorenabr, and thanks for the follow too. Keep knitting on!



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