Monday, September 13, 2010

The Knitters Have Done It!

The core team Mary, Melissa, Dawn, Diana, and Rosa.

This past weekend was the Junction Arts Festival, in the community of West Toronto Junction. A feast of musical, arts, and creative talent convened on Dundas West to show off their skills.
Wise Daughters Craft Market initiated a weekend long project that involved community, knitting, and helping those that don't have a home. We gathered together on the street to invite people to knit and donate a square so that we could put them together into an enormous car cozy. The loaned car was a Nissan Cube donated by Auto Share. Dozens and dozens of volunteers donated squares ahead of time to assist our project and we had knitters join in all weekend to knit and to learn how to knit so that anyone could contribute.
Many people walking by asked "why?". Why does a car need a cozy? The answer is because! Because its fun!!! An art project just for fun and also for helping those in need. All those squares that we assembled to make the cozy are going to be unassembled and remade into nice blankets to give to Street Knit who will then pass them on to shelters.
a look at the Cube before cozying
The cozied Cube!

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