Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reflections on the Parkdale Bazaar

Parkdale is a neighbourhood in Toronto that may be considered by many to be scary. But like many old 'hoods in the T-Dot, things are a-changin'. The Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation just may have something to do with the changes that are happening in the area.

The Parkdale Bazaar is just one of the projects initiated by this group. This outdoor, free admission Bazaar features work from 40-60 local area craft vendors. Offering tables at just $10 a pop to the vendors it almost seems irresistible. I purchased a spot for LadeeBee Supplies Handmade for four out of the five possible dates. Our next event, the Harvest Bazzar, is happening October 9th, 2010. The Bazaar is located on Queen Street West, near Lansdown-right next to the Public Library. If you are in Toronto make plans to check out the Harvest Bazaar.

Here is a look what I brought on August 14th, the last Bazaar:

 My table. A very simple set up. No muss, no fuss. On this day my son helped me out from open 'till close! What a great kid!
 Japanese paper under glass tile pendants. For $20 you purchase a little piece of wearable art, and that includes a silver plated snake chain!
 I can never get enough of this paper. I just keep making and making and making these pendants. The glass is a nice way to showcase the beauty of these designs.
 Some papers used for the pendants come from Italy and others are recycled out of date school atlases, like the pendant pictured below.
 Places are very meaningful to people and carry lots of sentimental value. Many folks stopped by my table to see if I had a pendant of the place they are from, whether it be in Canada or abroad. I have lots from places all around the world, but Toronto is always the first to sell out.
Click on the pic of the maps to enlarge. See if you find a place that means something to you.
If you're not into rectangles I also have circles, well imperfect circles. The circles are handmade by another craftsperson. I really believe that there is something for everyone and people often pick one up as a gift.

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