Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Montreal (Craft) Experience

Last weekend was my whirlwind trip to Montreal for the Spring Puces Pop hand made marketplace. It was a fantastic trip and it provided me an opportunity to meet some great folks, to knit a little somethin' somethin' for myself, and to shop some products from great artisans.

My table neighbours were Coucou Salut, a fantastic little shop providing unique screen printed and hand crafted plush toys, cushions, coin purses, coasters, and tea towels. I picked up a tooth monster to give to my son.
I also met half the team behind one of my favorite Toronto shops, Bookhou. Bookhou is also a master at screen printing original designs on linens, sweet hand embroidery, and maker of stunning tote bags. I picked up a plush sparrow pin and a gently hand embroidered pin backed button.
I had an opportunity to try hand crafted edible treats as well. I brought home some creamy caramels, and mouth watering gluten free peanut butter cookies.
I picked up a wonderful print from Todd Stewart of Montreal. I highly recommend checking out his work!

On Sunday evening I had a chance to take a walk in the neighbourhood known as the Plateau district. I dined on Chicken Roti, fried plantain, and mango juice. Walked a few blocks to a book shop open late and picked up a sweet French language book called "Coeurs". 
This book is full of the sweetest heart themed embroidery patterns. I couldn't resist purchasing it as it included a piece of canvas, embroidery needle, and DMC floss to get you started on a project right away.

I am working on the girl on the right.
So I flew home on Monday. The flight is just under 50min, however we were delayed 7 HOURS!! I worked on this sock the whole day, sipping Second Cup Coffee, Strawberry Chillers, and finally 3 glasses of red wine WHOO HOO!

Worked on 4 needles from the toe up.

The pattern I chose is the Dead Simple Lace Socks from "Socks form the Toe Up" by Wendy D. Johnson. I reduced the pattern by 1 repeat for this particular yarn because initially the socks were just coming out way too big. (thought that I DID check my guage, oh well)

Well, that pretty much concludes my show and tell from last weekend, hope you enjoyed ;)


  1. Awesomeness! I've been incredibly curious about this show and Montreal sounds like a wonderful city.
    Hope you're free next Sunday - I just scheduled a meet up.

  2. Ola, you're so loyal to my blog :)
    I do love that show, and I think Montrealers look forward to it too. I would think that the show is best for things priced around the $20 mark (at least for me). That being said, I would recommend it. It is two days of selling, $100 per table. Next Sunday sounds good.

  3. Hey there! I just found this and thought I would say hi! It was wonderful to meet you, and I hope you enjoyed your time in Montreal. Don't forget to apply for the fall edition... :)



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