Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Show and Tell

am taking a break from crocheting madness and nursing my crochet-wrist injury to finally write in the old bloggeroo.
I find the crafting and art community so supportive...thank goodness. What a great bunch of peeps. Just a little effort seems to return so many rewards when it comes to putting yourself out there as a crafting artist.
A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of the free advertising on Craigslist to direct folks to my etsy site...okay so it didn't garner any sales yet, but a few people contacted me. Some with advice, others with interesting offers. This has lead to my first showing at a real life studio! How cool is that. I am a little nervous-okay a lot nervous and pretty excited...also I have had to do battle with my "depression thoughts". Wanna know what they were? Stuff like "this stuff is not as good as the other people's, my stuff will never sell, do I really have a talent for this?" and on and on and on. I know, what a downer. Mostly though I can manage to be excited and proud.
So I have been busting my hump because the lovely woman who is opening her studio and gallery loves my crochet hats and necklaces...did I have any in stock??? Sure! (a little fib). So consequently I have this wrist injury, but six lovely hats that I want to keep for myself!!!
Studio Nine Gallery is in Leslieville (1400 Queen East, Toronto). This husband and wife team have a shop, teaching space, studio space, and a kitchen in a beautiful old home. It is a wonderful concept and she is so transparently passionate about what she is doing. I am honoured to be a part of it-even in some small way. So tell your friends and tell your friends friends and your friends friends friends to get there tushies on down to Studio Nine to have a gander at the selection of fine arts and crafts and maybe even take a class.

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