Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mad Hatter

Hey, I'm back for another bloggetyboo. I have to admit, I kind of like bragging about my projects. Yeah, I know I'm good. You wish you were me. So check it out. I'm hattin' like crazee. I picked up a bunch of chunky cotton at my LYS sale bin and started crocheting these babies. My goal is to have a shop on Etsy. Ya know, Etsy is the ebay for handmade junkies. I am building up my stock. It's difficult not to wear my creations, I want to keep everything-but I have to find some way of supporting my habit. Why am I never satisfied? Why is my thirst never quenched? I am feenin' for more! Should I sew that curtain for my bathroom window? Yeah, I think so. It's almost midnight but what the hell. The only side effects are tired hands, sleeping legs and a seriously sore ass.

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