Monday, May 3, 2010

Athabasca Spring Scarf Knitting Pattern

This lightweight spring/summer scarf is named for the Athabasca River, which can be seen clearly from the air as one arrives to the well-known oil town, Fort McMurray, Alberta. I began knitting this scarf just before my journey up to the northern Alberta town and completed it while there visiting my mother. The colours that appear in these sumptuous yarns remind me of hues of green and blue that can be seen from the airplane window high above the town. It is beautifully stunning countryside!

Yarn A: 1 skein of Punta Cotton Hand Paint  Colour Hp10 (100 % cotton/ 214 meters, 235 yards/ 100 grams)
Yarn B: 1 skein of Nuna by Mirasol Shade 1017 (40% wool, 40% silk, 20% bamboo/175 meters, 191 yards/ 50 grams) 
1 pair of 6mm knitting needles

This pattern is really all about the yarn. If you choose beautiful yarns, your scarf will look amazing! This pattern is very simple and is great for beginners or experienced knitters that want a great pattern to sit and relax with.
Yarn B will be carried along the side when you knit the rows of yarn A. Just simply wrap A and B around one another when you carry B so that yarn B is hugged more tightly to the edge of the scarf thus diminishing the appearance of a loop.

With A CO 47 sts
Row 1-3: k
Row 4: With B *k1, yo twice, k1* repeat to end
Row 5: continuing with B *k1, slip 2 yo off needle, k1* repeat to end
Row 6-9: with A k 4 rows
Row 10: with B *k1, yo, k1* repeat to end
Row 11: continuing with B *k1, slip yo off needle, k1* repeat to end
Repeat Rows 1-11 until your yarn is nearly finished. End with 3 knit rows in yarn A. BO loosely and weave in ends.


  1. found you on Ravelry...your work is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Lisa :)
    ps I love the American south!

  3. I love seeing your smiling face :-)
    And by the way thanks for all of your input at the meetup the other day.

  4. Ola! Hey, no probs. I didn't realize I knew that much. Looking forward to seeing where the group takes us!

  5. I love this! I have just the yarn for it..Thanks so much just what I have been looking for.Neicee

  6. Lovely pattern! It was great to meet you the other day! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations everyone will make!

  7. Flora, good to meet you too! I am enjoying Project Zoo so much and it has been a wonderful opportunity to do something good as well as to meet some amazing people. Feel free to bring the baby along with you at meetings. I always enjoy the little ones!

  8. I don't know if you'll see this or not since you posted this pattern awhile ago, but I wanted to tell you how much I love it!

    This pattern is just simple enough that I can memorize it and work it easily, but complex enough that I don't get burned out! It's perfect! And trust me that it means a lot from someone who hates making scarves!

  9. I am glad that it's making you happy Knitty Aunt-Did!

  10. Beautiful scarf pattern! I added your link to an article I'm doing on spring scarf patterns.

  11. Hey Joan, thanks so much-put the link here in the comments section too-I'd love to see the other patterns!



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