Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paper Craft

Many moons ago I went to The Paper Place in downtown Toronto for a sale they were having on their paper off cuts. The sale began on a Sunday afternoon at 4pm and finished at 7pm. I think I stood there searching through the piles and piles of scraps for a full three hours. Each time a staff member brought out a bag of paper to drop in the sorting bins there was a new surge of energy and excitement. I was hooked! In the zone! I thought "what if there is something in here I haven't seen yet?" "what if I missed something that I am really going to love?" I just kept sifting and searching for more and more paper (drool). 

The Paper Place stocks Japanese specialty papers and products. You can also take workshops on bookbinding and classes on lampshade making. I often go in to the shop, but feel way too guilty to leave with much (as it is a little expensive-and understandably so). I already spend a large sum on yarn and buttons, so it doesn't leave cash for much else. But I couldn't resist the sale. I received a 10"x6.5" clear plastic archive envelope to fill for $18.00. The rules were you could fill it with as much paper as you could as long as the bag could close and the bag couldn't burst. Well, by God I got that bag good and full and impressed the hell outta the staff and the customers. Proud of myself, I headed home with my full bag of paper off cuts wondering what I was going to do with them. 

Enter: New Hobby
Now, I like to make these pendants. So addictive, because the pendants just make the paper stand out and you can really zero in on a part of the pattern that you really like. It is so much fun placing the glass tile over the paper and finding just the right spot to make my cut.

In addition to using this amazing paper I started using maps as well. I know maps are popping up all over the place in the world of craft, but I just couldn't resist. What else are we going to do with all of those out of date atlases.
If you are reading this post and have any paper craft ideas for me, please share them by commenting to this post. Happy crafting!


  1. Fridge magnets-of course! I already have the magnet blanks to stick on the back side! I am going to take a pic of the pile of paper I have and add it to the post so folks can see exactly what I am talking about.



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