Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tophatter is Tops

There's a fairly new website that's making its mark as a fresh new way to shop online. Tophatter is a live auction style marketplace where sellers and buyers have an opportunity to engage one another in real time. The site opened in December 2011. I joined in January 2012 when the site was still a newborn infant. I have had the opportunity to see this start-up grow to the gawky teenager it is today.

I sell on the site as LadeeBee, offering mostly jewelry and craft supplies. I have grown a successful little business with the aid of this platform and have had lots of fun doing it! I have almost reached my 1000th sale on the site since I started selling mid February 2012.

A sample of products I offer on Tophatter and in my Etsy shop, LadeeBee Supplies
Tophatter can seem a little intimidating to a new user, however there is now a video tutorial, a help button and the ability for users to chat with a staff person for live support. Also, each auction room has a chat window where you can ask other buyers and sellers for support - everyone in the community is always willing to lend a helping hand.

As a buyer I have found many unique products that I may not have otherwise found. There is also the thrill of bidding and winning your item too. Buyers are also able to choose what gets offered up for auction by placing an opening bid on items in a standby column. 

Below are examples of some unique items you can bid on in the auction rooms on Tophatter. Hope I'll see you around the auction block! Oh yeah, if you'd like me to send you an invitation just place your email in the comments section below and I'll send you an invite through Tophatter. Tophatter will give you a $5 credit to spend on anything you win over $5!



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