Saturday, July 7, 2012

36 by 36 Update: Learn a New Spinning Technique

About 6 months ago I posted 36 by 36 which is a list of 36 things I'd like to accomplish by the time I turn 36. I was inspired to do this after seeing a couple of other bloggers with similar lists. The idea was to do as many as I could and then carry over to 37 by 37 what I couldn't do by 36. I decided to make this list when 36 was half over anyway! This list has always been in the back of my mind and every now and then I remember to work towards some of my goals.

One of my goals was to learn a new spinning technique. released a class called Spinning Dyed Fibers with Felicia Lo. Felicia is the creator of Sweet Georgia Yarns and a Canadian gal! I have worked with dyed fiber for a while, but I have never officially taken a spinning course. I am a self taught spinner, picking up a few tips and tricks from magazines and other more accomplished spinners.

I very much enjoyed this class and learned a few techniques like Navajo ply, fractal spinning, how to spin off batts, how to make a carded batt, and many different techniques for getting different results from dyed fibre. Also, how to avoid spinning dyed fibre into mud if you don't want mud. I loved the class, it was so informative and beautifully instructed.

Enjoy some photos of my hand spun yarn!

Gelateria hand spun merino wool, dyed and spun by LadeeBee

Circus - dyed by Spun Right Round, spun by LadeeBee

Forest - Merino tussah silk spun by LadeeBee, dyed by Taylored Fibers 

Honey Fig - Merino and tussah silk Spun by LadeeBee, dyed by Sweet Georgia Yarns

O'Ryan - BFL spun by LadeeBee, dyed by Radiant Yarnworks


  1. OMG! I love your handspun skeins! I hope you'll post some of these photos in the class projects section. I'm sure the other students would love to see your work! Thanks so much for taking (and blogging about) my class :)

  2. Thanks Felicia :) So nice to see you on I'll be sure to post some pics in the project section too. Happy spinning!



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