Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Getting Started

There are many tools that I use every day to get my work done. Crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing machine. The one tool that I use and have vowed to get to know better this year is the home hand knitting machine.

Organic Cotton Cardigan
Pieces knit on my LK100 chunky knitter. 
My LK100
A couple of years ago I started to look into getting a knitting machine to assist me with my work as a knitwear designer and creator for my line of baby clothes, Vintage Baby Revival. I found that knitting everything by hand was a slow process, but more than that it was taxing on my body. I needed a more efficient way of getting my work done.

My first knitting machine was found on Craigslist. For $100 I picked up a simple machine and was given a free lesson on how to use it. After that I purchased two more.

After making my initial purchase I realised how few resources there are out there for machine knitters in my city. I wondered how would I learn anything beyond the basics? Thank goodness for the internet! If it wasn't for other machine knitters posting YouTube videos and tutorials in their blogs I would be lost.

Demonstrating my machine knitting skills on my Brother.
This is the first machine that I  purchased.

Through the machine's manuals I was able to figure out the basics of getting started on the machine. I have not stepped past the basics and feel that my knitting machines have a lot more potential that I need to explore. I turned back to the world wide web and found some answers. There are great bloggers out there and a global group of knitters that discuss all things machine knitting called KMaholics.

Here is a list of machine knitting resources that I found useful:
Serge N Knit N Sew 
O! Jolly: Knitting in the Fast Lane
Knitting Machine Museum
Click here for a list of bloggers I have yet to explore but are related to machine knitting.

I hope to update my blog now and then with my progress on the knitting machines, so stay tuned as I learn my way to better knitting.


  1. I found your blog at KMaholics-love to follow you!Synnøve(Syn) from Norway

  2. Hi Syn, glad that you found me and that I found the KMaholics! I visited your blog too and I see you have a shop. I really love these http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/398931/ Your work is lovely!

  3. I hope that this is a wonderful journey for you. And thanks for the shout out. :)



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