Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Belly Laugh a Day

One of the things that helps me get through life is the ability to have at least one good belly laugh every day. As some of you reading this blog may already know, I have depression. It really is a good thing that there is a lot of humour in my home and plenty of good laughs. My partner has the same off-balance sense of humour and we enjoy lots of gut tightening, tear inducing, barely able to breathe laughing episodes together. Mostly I'm the one that gets out of control. Once I watched Dave Chappelle's stand-up and missed half his show because I was laughing at his joke from five minutes ago.

Recently my mood has been going down toward the deeper end. I'm not feeling much energy, sadness comes on for no apparent reason, my sleeping patterns get all funky, and I have a lot of doubts about what the hell I am doing with my life. This past week I was really questioning my choice to work for myself and feeling it was a stupid decision and I was looking at job postings that I might be qualified for. My partner works full-time and now every evening he goes to school to work towards finishing his degree. I don't see him as much and we haven't been getting those belly laughs in. I realise that is what I am missing! I need a good laugh every day. I need someone who gets my sick sense of humour and doesn't look at me all sideways with a silent question. I'm not saying laughing makes it all better, but it definitely helped me this week.

Louis CK performing in Toronto, Canada Saturday October 15th, 2011
I broke the rules and took this photo, and no I did not film him! Just wanted a pic.
Please don't be mad Mr. CK
One of my favorite comedians is currently on tour and we were able to score some tix to go and see him. We saw Louis CK live! I was only 8 rows away from the stage. Let me tell you, it was Awe-some. The opening act was Steven Page from the Canadian iconic band, the Barenaked Ladies. What a treat to hear him perform with his acoustic guitar. Tonight was exactly what I needed.

I think that doing my own art or watching a talented individual performing theirs is a helpful way to deal with depression when it starts to rear its ugly head. What experiences have you had lately that has helped improve your mood?

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