Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Phat Fiber Box

In August I successfully bought a limited edition phat fibre box on Etsy. It is an interesting concept wherein independent and small businesses submit samples of yarn, roving, and yarn related accessories and patterns. The box is then "dropped" twice on the sale day (it happens once a month) at the Etsy shop and folks buy them up as fast as they can before they dissapear (which takes literally two minutes). You can find the Etsy shop here. You can receive email notification of when the box goes on sale by signing up here. It was a lot of fun to join the rush of folks online in order to nab one of these exclusive goodie boxes. I will be sampling the yarn in the weeks to come and will blog about my experience. Although I am busy back at my full-time job and juggling various festivals with my Vintage Baby Revival clothing and accessories I will do my best to post about as many of these products as possible.

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