Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toronto Craft Alert Contest that Speaks to Many a Crafter

Many of us has unifinished business about the home. Fabric in pieces, half a chair sanded, garments half-knit suspended from their knitting needles. We were fired up when we started. Probably some photo in a magazine or an image in our minds of the outcome of our efforts motivated us to enthusiastically begin the project. However, at some point the enthusiam waned and we put down our brushes, needles, surgers and became distracted by some other fantastical diy activity. These projects are always in the back of our minds, as well as the shelves and closets to which they were retired. But one special group places these cherished projects on the front burner once again by providing an external source of motivation in the form of a coveted prize. Many objects to covet in fact. See the Toronto Craft Alert Get Er Done Giveaway for the deets. You can see my own efforts to enter the contest on flickr listed under "junctionknitting".

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