Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LadeeBee Revives the Vintage Baby


I have been longing to knit up some sweet little baby things for the last little while. So, I dug up some of the old patterns that my grandmother gave me, searched through some of the vintage patterns I bought second hand, and perused my large assortment of vintage crafting encyclopedias to find a project that inspired me. I have all this wonderful cotton yarn sitting on my shelf so the first place I started was with a hoodie. I personally love to wear hoodies and seeing a little baby in one just makes me want to drool. I have so many ideas for this new line of infant clothing I am developing that my hands can't keep up with all of them. 
On top of all the other crafting projects I have on the go, I decided to get into carving stamps. I picked up a little starter kit at an art shop downtown. I decided to start with a mushroom and an owl. I drew little sketches on the tracing paper, rubbed them onto the surface of the stamp-to-be and began carving away all the space that I didn't want to be a part of the final image. I had to look in my books for inspiration for my third design and I found the little birdie out of a 1974 encyclopedia. I found some fabric ink at a local stamp shop and VOILA the little onesies were born. 
I am currently working on producing baby booties, hats and mitts out of reclaimed wool sweaters that have been felted. So keep an eye out for my new designs in my new shop on etsy called "Vintage Baby Revival". So please visit my new shop and I hope you enjoy drooling over these as much as I do.

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