Saturday, September 13, 2008

LadeeBee's Artist's Statement

Truth be told if I had all the time in the world my dream would be to make everything I use. I want to know how to make everything from cosmetics to paper to furniture to an entire dwelling. At this time in my life I have the unique opportunity to devote the majority of my day to whatever it is I choose to make. Currently I am completely consumed by the fibre arts and needlecraft, primarily knitting, crochet, sewing and embroidery.
Crafting is my passion and is an elevating experience for me. Crafting is a major part of my recovery from depression. Many projects and ideas inspire me and I can have as many as 10-15 projects on the go. When choosing a project I usually pick one that challenges my resourcefulness as I am thrifty and nothing makes me more satisfied than saving a dollar while at the same time acquiring top quality useful items. If I can complete an entire project from nothing but supplies found at a thrift store I feel extremely proud and accomplished.
My work is defined by simplicity, functionality, durability, and comfort. I enjoy working with a variety of natural fibres such as wool, silk, soy, bamboo, cotton, hemp and linen. I prefer colours that are earthy. I often look at vintage magazines and books for inspiration and feel extremely satisfied when I can give old styles a new life.
My current work contains hours of meditation and thought. Every stitch or bead strung represents a small step forward in my recovery from depression. The colours and fibres I have chosen have pleased my senses and awakened feelings of pleasure, ability, competence, creativity, life, excitement and passion.

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